You're an in-house lawyer or contract manager in Australia or New Zealand, looking for a better way to manage your matters or contracts

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We are Richard and Justin Hansen, the owners and directors of Lex Australia.

For over 20 years, our focus has been on helping people just like you manage your matters and contracts.

LEX is Australia's most established legal department matter management system, and a leading contract management system.

Every day LEX helps thousands of people in over a hundred companies and government departments across Australia and New Zealand.

When it comes to matter management software for in-house legal departments, we are the most experienced and specialised team in the country.

Matter management

LEX is a proven, complete and established matter management system for in-house lawyers. It is based on both our own extensive experience, and the needs expressed to us by the hundreds of companies and government departments we've helped over the years.

Contract management

LEX is also a proven, complete and established contracts management system. It can be used to track executed agreements and associated key dates, reminders, documents and financials. It offers customised email alerts of key events, and has extensive reporting capabilities.

Training and support

LEX is designed, built and supported by us, in Australia. Our support and responsiveness are exceptional. You will always speak directly with us. We are the people who own and run the company, who develop and support the product, and who can act quickly on any unmet needs.

The origins of LEX

We started the company because we saw that there wasn't anything "just right" for managing a mainstream in-house legal department or a contract portfolio. Justin had been a partner in a major law firm, and then an in-house lawyer and senior executive in an international pharmaceutical company. Richard had been working as a technology and business consultant in the financial services industry. We saw a compelling need for a new approach. So we combined our skills, and took on the challenge of making something simpler and better for the needs of mainstream in-house legal departments and contract managers.

We believe our approach is unique

Simpler, better and friendlier

We aim to keep everything simpler, better and friendlier. This includes the product, pricing, installation, upgrades, training, support and hosting.


When it comes to matter management software for in-house legal departments, we are the most experienced and specialised team in the country.

Free trials

We offer free trials of the complete product, for as long as people need, so they can get to know us and the product well before making a decision.

Australian based

LEX is designed, built, maintained and supported wholly by us, in Australia. We own and control the product, and deal directly with clients. Our hosting servers are in a secure data centre in Sydney.

"Nothing beats smart, motivated lawyers. But LEX definitely comes second; it’s a powerful management tool that saves time and money – and most importantly, it frees our team of excellent lawyers to do what they do best; law and legal strategy."
General Counsel

Government agency

What some of our clients have told us

"I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance and support in getting the system configured and up and running.
It is proving to be an invaluable resource for the legal team."

"I love this system. Our area loves LEX so much they’ve asked for additional licences."

"Our legal matter management system is so effective that as well as delivering ‘real time’ visibility across all legal issues across the entire organisation, in just a few key strokes we can also get the exact status and cost of any transaction, with any author, with any law firm, for any business unit, for any work-type."

"We have found the database to be a wonderful tool to assist us in our work. So thanks again for your invaluable support."

"I am LEX-ing like there is no tomorrow and finding the system invaluable. The rest of the team are getting into the groove as well!"

"We would be in deep problems if prior to this we didn't have a good matter management system ... you know where to find everything electronically,
everything has its home and you know exactly who is working on what when."

"Always happy to talk about LEX to potential users – we love it!"

"You will be pleased to know that our lawyers appreciate what LEX has to offer in terms of time recording, locating documents and costs and are now using it every day.
I don’t know how I could have kept track without it."

"I am really happy with the way LEX is going and the feedback from the staff is extremely positive. The reporting function has assisted us greatly in our end of financial year reports to show our benchmarks have been achieved."

"My team love LEX. In short they are finding it simple to use (and trust me there are varying levels of skills here!), fit for purpose and
it's providing them a great platform to manage their own workload. They're also enjoying being able to see each other's cases.
From my perspective it gives me great visibility of the teams work, and capability to review / plan more effectively."

"I still can’t believe I even considered the ‘cheap’ option of trying to fix our original system. Designed by a former in-house counsel who had also been a law firm partner, we chose LEX as a matter management system that doesn’t try to be everything to everyone but does what it does do very well indeed.
The investment has paid for itself many times over."

About us


We have a large number of long-term clients, in fields such as government, retailing, energy & resources, packaging, manufacturing, financial services, media, health care, biotechnology, software, education and venture capital. Contact us for a client list and reference details.


Pricing is straight-forward, and starts at A$25,000 plus GST. This once-off, all-inclusive fee includes a perpetual licence, migration of your existing data, help with set-up and training, and a one year Support and Upgrades package. Contact us for full pricing details and our standard terms.

Proven, stable and established

Many people choose LEX because lots of other people just like them have already done so. This gives them confidence the system is well proven, stable and established. LEX integrates well with your existing systems, including all major document management systems.

Ongoing support and hosting

Support and Upgrades packages for subsequent years are optional. We can host LEX for you (for a small annual charge) or you can install it in-house. Hosting is managed in a secure data centre, and we have a dedicated network in an ASD certified gateway facility for hosting Government clients.

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We'd welcome the opportunity to show you how LEX is helping many people just like you.

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